IMPORTANT NEWS: The new is online.

In the following weeks all teaching resources will be available through one single Teacher Account in the Grades Management platform.

Make sure that you have your TEACHER USERNAME and PASSWORD from your school.

The website will be replaced in the coming months.

Contact us at for details.


You can have access to the teacher's resources if your school has adopted and uses our ICT solutions (Digital Kids, Digital Teens, eSkills, Digital World or Binary ICT Skills coursebooks). If you don't type your correct school code, your account will not be processed. / Usted puede tener acceso a los recursos del profesor si su escuela ha hecho la adopción y utiliza nuestras soluciones de TICs (Digital Kids, Digital Teens, eSkills, Digital World o Binary ICT Skills). Si no introduce el código correcto de la escuela, no se procesará su cuenta.
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